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Of course, that simply means we're all talking about whether we should be talking about Kagan's sexual orientation instead of talking about Kagan's sexual orientation.

As President Obama 's second pick for a Supreme Court spot gets ready for her confirmation hearings, politicians and pundits are debating her judicial qualifications. There have been whispers about other justices before, of course.

Think about the prospect of watching the married Senator Ensign—who is under investigation for allegedly seeking lobbying work for the husband of his mistress—arguing that the high court nominee is "sinful" or "lacking in personal morality," as the Focus on the Family suggests. Hardcore lesbian scat. Obama digs lesbian judges: Yet when the Kagan rumors started, pretty much everyone in the mainstream media agreed smugly that they shouldn't be outing anyone. People should have—and did—call out the "lesbian" accusers for their misogyny.

Nevertheless, if Kagan were gay—and if she openly admitted she were gay—it would mean a great deal to many people. Is kagan a lesbian. Indeed, many places have laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, and there are an increasing number of gay and lesbian officeholders at all levels of elected government.

Only sworn testimony under oath of perjury that she loves the cock will suffice to settle this issue. Whether she is attracted to men or women is about as interesting to me as whether she is attracted to people with light or dark hair.

A statement, either way, helps people stop talking about an issue that has no bearing on her SCOTUS confirmation — which I guess is why they brought out the roommate. June 4, at 8: Harriet Miers was the object of gossip during her short run as a nominee. Her sexual orientation is irrelevant. You've gotta live a pretty fucking bizarre life to become a public figure without being able to definitively prove that you even have a sexual orientation, much less what that orientation actually is.

That sounds pretty gay, because gay people can't get married. Maria valverde lesbian. Senator; or 4 state Governor. Her looks are irrelevant. Gordon James Klingenschmitt, a court-martialed military chaplain who now runs an anti-gay website, circulated a press release citing anonymous student reviews on Epinions as proof that Kagan is gay. How does he feel about women? She responded that "there is no federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage. No Agenda Here says: But, no one does the salacious better.

Above the Law is diving into the use of AI in the legal industry. May 12, at Send it to slate. Yeah, we're probably still in a time when there must be "black" and "female" seats on the court, but give it time. From my perspective, what matters is that—gay or straight—Kagan fights for the rights of everyone, no matter what their sexual orientation. So if they are dating with an eye towards marrying, they do not want to date people outside their religion.

No, I don't believe a homosexual's life experience will make him or her a better justice any more than I believe being an African-American, a graduate of a state law school, an armed-forces veteran, a Mormon, or a mediocrity—as Sen.

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Domenech maintained that he did not knowingly use other people's writing without attribution but said the "firestorm" had "reached the point where there's nothing I can really do to defend myself.

Okay, since we're digging out the circumstantial evidence, there is a picture of Kagan from where she is wearing a plaid, flannel shirt. Trending Now on NYPost.

Dare to Think Bigger. Pointy tits compilation. Is kagan a lesbian. By nominating a qualified gay to the court, the president would create an environment in which—eventually, I hope—a nominee's sexual orientation is given the same shrug we give nominees' religion, gender, race, or state of residence, and the nation will be better for it.

Chaplain Klingenschmitt, who delivered over one million faxes to the Senate against the anti-Jesus Judge David Hamilton, is now launching a new "Fax Congress" petition drive campaign to oppose and filibuster reported Lesbian Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court. Sullivan gets to the heart of the matter when he describes the unwillingness of the press corps to ask the question directly and of the White House to speak definitively about Kagan's orientation as "a function of liberal cowardice and conservative discomfort.

There is absolutely no public evidence that she has ever had a same-sex relationship. It's probably fair to suppose that if she were gay, she would be more likely to sympathize with the idea that gays have a constitutional right to marry. But let's look at both sides of the question. But there has never been an openly gay justice. CBS executives at first defended the column, noting that it appeared in an opinion section that contains contributions from blogs and publications on the left and right.

For e-mail notification of errors in this specific column, type the word Kagan in the subject head of an e-mail message, and send it to slate. Lesbian porn fix. He changed his mind about yanking the column after receiving an e-mail from Domenech, which the blogger also sent to The Washington Post. A CBS blogger recently posted a story in which he said she was gay, but quickly retracted it after coming under fire from the White House, which denied that Kagan is gay.

I wish a president would finally get the gumption to nominate an uncloseted gay or lesbian to the Supreme Court. Women who did not bother with time-consuming hair maintenance and hobbling high heels when they could be running America's State Department would surely be punished by not getting laid.

But few people are talking about her qualifications. The stereotype has persisted even today, according to both straight and lesbian players. Many would see it as a betrayal and act of cowardice for her to deny her sexuality—no different than it would be for to someone to deny that they were Jewish at a time when Jews were treated as second-class citizens. The president should nominate someone openly gay to the Supreme Court. I'm personally a great deal more interested in what she thinks about President Obama's broad use of the state secrets privilege.

What hurts is the assumption that it hurts. Lesbo milf video. Solicitor General Elena Kagan. The network ultimately, after some resistance, deleted the post. Nevertheless, if Kagan were gay—and if she openly admitted she were gay—it would mean a great deal to many people. After the geographically balanced court became passe, people desired religious balance—or at least religious representation—on the court. That's something that Kagan—gay or straight—doesn't deserve.

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