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On topic; I didn't hate Dragon Age 2.

I would like a subtitle underneath the items to better show what they do. I liked the game mechanics streamlining in DA2, but I don't like that it extends as far as the romance.

Which brings me to… A completely new ending. Stuart pilkington nude. Our mission is to support the gaming community with a fast and reliable download site. Spin-kicking potions in a dull back-ally for the 50th time is not only boring, it contradicts what it sets out to be.

Actually I think the most awkward part about Origins was how furiously awkward the scenes felt compared to Mass Effect. Dragon age 2 nude mod. If I knew how to make mods, I'd be the first person to do so. So, Bare with me…. O while interesting and a good experience tends to trudge through mediocrity. There is a distinction between pretend and reality.

Merge classes into magic user and non magic user the current distinction between rogue and warrior is strange and unhelpful — merging the two makes more sense in terms of flexibility and better represents the way their world is divided. The problem with alot of players was the fact that it was like Mass Effect, which isn't really a critcism.

Well, for me it is. Sexy boobs cum. Hahaha Sera is hilarious, I love her — I also read that it was going to be really difficult to mod DA: D various LONG hair styles for women pls. Visually it more than made up for DA2s lackluster showing, but as far as narrative and character go, I think DAI is a step backwards.

Portent January 11, Forgot your username or password? It's also one of few games to explore a theme of disempowerment, something I'd love to see a lot more of.

He was a good replacement for Alistair. Sign in Already have an account? Wave after wave after wave after wave of mooks spawn from every direction and run straight at you. At least in DAO, there was some difficulty choosing the correct options if you wanted a romance. Crazy interactive sex mods and shit. I liked what they were trying to do.

Change for changes sake is bad, yes.

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It can lead to a dark path.

It is an enjoyable albeit shallow little adventure. I'd like to purchase an alcohol! Agree 3 Disagree 1. Beautiful blonde naked girls. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. That being said, here are the top 10 mods that we modding folks need to create, stat!

Commisar Follow Forum Posts: Instead they used DA: In Origins, if it had an enchantment, it had a suitable backstory ranging from grim to humorous.

Watch a complete Dragon Age 2 sex scene with Merrill. There was nothing game breaking there. Sign up for free! I kept running into the same problem of picking up cool unique weapons, leveling up past their usefulness, and not wanting to get rid of them because of their uniqueness. Not having to go back or find a special place to sell the stuff. Dragon Age 4 is real, it's 'story and character focused' and contains 'live' elements 56d ago. Key elements which make it pap for me are Wait, is this a demo mod?

I liked what they were trying to do. Sexy valentine girls. In DA2 the Qunari were changed to some kind of demonic giants. Dragon age 2 nude mod. We don't want you to go earning your equipment in-game when you can pay us for it.

A mod is needed. Similarly, Vivienne is written beautifully to not be a romance option; a mod to enable her to become a romance option, should provide a compelling narrative to make it far more compelling to the player that it is entirely natural that she should become a romance option.

Then the Manager installs the files where they need to be, instead of in DAO. Now I'm being told by Bioware that if I want to play itin the way thatoriginallyattracted me to theseries there's only one console I can get it on. No inventory cap 3. No one can play the game. Selena gomez hacked nude. Combat Carnage Beta Client. You're just an errand boy and at no point do you ever get any real emotional rush, good or bad.

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What is with Bioware spending a bajillion development hours on a great game, great graphics, and great storyline, then only spending 20 minutes on some decent hairs??? Sorry, but for reasons stated in my long post above I'd still say the game was a average RPG at best. Buffie the body nude pics. I forgot to mention that most of the mods on this website are visual and do not have any similar module to A Dance with Rogue.

And it reads like I have nothing good to say about the game, and honestly there is very little I can praise about it after 4 years of anticipation and promise.

Actually, there's at least one exception to that, if you romance Anders. Something to show you where the hidden stuff is while in game?

If you don't know what you're facing, you can't plan for it. Dragon age 2 nude mod. The response is an Andersmirk and a fade to black. Milf upskirt panty pics They used to be scary. And at last, we come to the last straw. D various LONG hair styles for women pls. Sign In Don't have an account?

Daenerys13 January 28, The reason that anyone plays that game is for the story.

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